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Security Risk Management Services

Employees are every company’s greatest single asset. Conducting the proper due diligence positions your company for success by mitigating risk. Proper preparation results in:

  • Increased workplace safety and employee security
  • Early identification of risks and red flags – provides for early intervention
  • Increased employee morale, higher productivity, and lower liability if an incident were to occur.

When the Crisis Solutionist team provides security, we blend into the environment, almost as an afterthought, unnoticeable to the untrained eye. The difference between an untrained eye and a security professional is that the security professional realizes the amount of intricate planning and preparation necessary to make operations run smoothly.

Active Shooter Response Planning and Training

Crisis Solutionist provides tailored plans to prevent, mitigate, respond to and recover from an active shooter. We can develop the program to be a stand-alone plan, or we can incorporate the plan into the Emergency Preparedness Planning.

Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Recovery

This initiative works in tandem with your legal representatives, human resources professionals, security department, and your insurance providers to create a one-of-a-kind plan, tailored to your company’s specific needs.  Contact us for a full evaluation.

Executive Protection Program Services

Providing wealthy families, C-Suite professionals, board members, athletes, musicians, actors and their family members with the discrete protection necessary to ensure that you have a safe visit to Boston. We design our security efforts to meet your needs, whether you are touring a local college, or are in town for business or vacation.

High-Risk Terminations

Terminating an employee can sometimes be a dangerous proposition. More and more human resource departments have started to outsource employee terminations to trained security professionals. Outsourcing allows you to mitigate your liability and protect your employees. If you think for a moment that there is even the mere possibility of an employee becoming violent, you owe it to your investors, your employees and yourself to limit your exposure to a dangerous situation that could turn deadly at a moment’s notice.

Special Event Security Services

Helping to keep private events private, Crisis Solutionist will provide all facets of event security, from advanced planning, plan development, advanced training, exterior and interior protection, and access control. We can provide armed and unarmed uniformed guards, and undercover operations, along with Behavioral Observation and Suspicious Activity Recognition (BOSAR) teams for your events.

Threat Assessment and Management

The assessment phase is the identification of an individual that is an actual or perceived threat, or exhibits a concerning behavior, while the management phase is a preventative intervention. Crisis Solutionist will establish a centralized reporting system and train your staff on how to properly deal with individuals that have been identified as posing a potential risk.

Social Engineering Testing

Crisis Solutionist will employ various social engineering techniques such as phishing, vishing, pretexting, trash pulls, piggybacking, in an attempt to gain access to your most sensitive information.  Once our coverts efforts have been concluded, we review your existing security protocols and conduct a “no notice” site inspection looking for security lapses, computers left logged on and unintended, passwords readily accessible, unauthorized storage devices that are attached to the company’s servers, and sensitive documents left left out or not properly destroyed. We will brief your senior staff, president or board of directors and provide a written report outlining the deficiencies, along with recommendations on how to correct them.

These services include:

  • Active Shooter Response Planning and Training
  • Crisis Management and Business Continuity
  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design
  • Employee Terminations
  • Wake and Funeral Security Services
  • Physical Security System Design
  • Fraud Prevention
  • Risk Management
  • Threat Management

Providing Peace of Mind .

Making prevention a priority is the best way to avoid a crisis. If you think you could benefit from any of our professional services, it’s likely you do. Don’t hesitate – call us today for a free confidential assessment!

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