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Law Enforcement Consulting

The Crisis Solutionist team of experts are multidimensional professionals. Each member has spent his or her entire career pursuing excellence in the public safety and policing professions. We tailor our solutions to incorporate common sense and fiscal responsibility by streamlining your agency’s operations, while keeping officer safety as the priority.

Assessments & Auditing

Using industry best practices, Crisis Solutionist will conduct a systematic review of operational effectiveness, efficiency and economy of operations, while identifying organizational risk, threats, and vulnerabilities to your agency.


Crisis Solutionist will walk your agency through the necessary steps to obtain your accreditation. Our team of experts will conduct a complete review of your administrative and operational procedure. Our resident policy and procedures expert will review your existing P&P’s and elevate them to current standards while creating the P&P’s that your agency is missing.

Internal Affairs Investigations

With the public’s diminishing trust in law enforcement, and their demand for transparency, law enforcement agencies are at a crossroad. Investigations that are perceived to have been handled improperly have the potential for catastrophic consequences. The need for unbiased, transparent and conflict-of-interest free investigations has never been more necessary.   

The Crisis Solutionist team of experts has the experience, neutrality, discretion and professionalism to conduct complex personnel investigations. Our written reports are beyond reproach, our finished products provide our clients with an investigative report that they can stand behind.  

Contraband and Narcotics Storage Consulting

Law Enforcement professionals know that the chain of custody must account for the seizure, storage, transfer and condition of the evidence and that it is absolutely necessary for the evidence chain to be unbroken to be admissible in court.  Yet every year there are hundreds of cases nationwide that have had evidence tampered with, misplaced, lost, or taken. Not all cases are as egregious as the two drug lab scandals that Massachusetts recently experienced.  Those two cases cost hundreds of millions of Massachusett tax-paying dollars, resulted in 50,000 criminal cases being dismissed, innocent people being incarcerated, and guilty people being released. Those two cases will go down in infamy as the two largest chain of custody failures, both of which were easily preventable.  

Not all evidentiary chain of custody mistakes are intentional, even fewer have criminal intent. Yet each mistake has the potential to allow a guilty person to go free while an innocent person is incarcerated.  These easily preventable mistakes have the potential to cost millions, ruin reputations, and cost people their jobs.

Crisis Solutionist’s team of experts can review your policy and procedures, view your facilities, conduct spot audits, perform complete inventory audits or install a new state-of-the-art inventory control system.

Our Audit and Internal Controls Services Include:

  • Review Existing Policy and Procedures, Revise and Update as Needed
  • Internal Controls Review, Revise and Create
  • Change of Command Property Audits
  • Mock Inspections
  • Contraband and Narcotic Evidence Room Audits

Providing Peace of Mind

Making prevention a priority is the best way to avoid a crisis. If you think you could benefit from any of our professional services, it’s likely you do. Don’t hesitate – call us today for a free confidential assessment!

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