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In today’s litigious society, you really can’t afford to botch an investigation. There is simply too much at stake. Hiring a firm that is impartial–and free from conflicts of interest–shows that you take workplace conduct and security seriously and can greatly improve employee morale, performance, and turnover. Additionally, having an outside firm that specializes in investigations can also help limit your liability.

Crisis Solutionists will meet with you to help establish company policies that outline the steps necessary to take when a complaint is received, a policy is violated, or a criminal offense is suspected to have occurred. Taking these steps is just as important as conducting the actual investigation. Once it is determined that an investigation is necessary, we encourage you to let the people who have conducted thousands of investigations do what they do best!

Crisis Solutionist reports are beyond reproach, fact-based and position you to successfully pursue prosecution if necessary. Our reports can also help limit your liability if you find yourself a defendant in a civil lawsuit.

Public and Private Sector Employee Investigations

Whether your company or agency is private or public, in a right-to-work state versus a will-to-work state or employs union labor, we have the experience and training to handle any of the personnel investigative matters that may arise.

Our investigators attended the FBI-sponsored Internal Affairs Investigation course and are well versed in handling complex staff inspections. We stay up-to-date on current case law and, as former union members, possess the knowledge and practical experience to navigate the union protections that the U.S. Supreme Court granted with their decisions in Garrity, Loudermill, and Weingarten.

Litigation Support and Disputes

Trial lawyers have an old saying: “You never ask a question on cross-examination to which you do not know the answer.” One of the greatest risks to plaintiffs and defendants is that there is information “out there” that counsel doesn’t know about. Bolster your legal strategy by investigating adverse parties, their claims, and backgrounds – before litigation or during legal proceedings.

Crisis Solutionist will uncover the facts, analyze information and preserve evidence during every phase of a personal or business dispute ranging from pre-trial preparation and discovery to court proceedings and the investigation of new information supporting appeal.

We do this by employing four methods:

  • Performing proper due diligence on companies or individuals, including witnesses or subjects of an investigation or party to a suit.
  • Providing the expert witness testimony of a Crisis Solutionist expert. In addition we provide background research of potential expert witnesses who will be presenting an evidentiary statement on your behalf or for the opposing party.
  • Conducting electronic evidence retrieval and forensic analysis of desktops, laptops, tablets, cellphones and storage devices.
  • Using our Social Media Investigative Expert (SMIE) to search the web in order to provide you with the best opportunity to be successful. We will search the web to find positive information to help or negative information that is detrimental to your opposition.

Accident Reconstruction

As an ACTAR Certified Reconstructionist, we provide an invaluable service in litigation of personal injury and wrongful death cases involving one or more motor vehicles, whether in instances of vehicle-to-vehicle or vehicle-to-pedestrian crashes.

Crisis Solutionist can help you by providing:

  • Advanced Diagram and 2D and 3D animation
  • Aerial Mapping
  • Case and Report Reviews
  • Commercial Vehicle Accident Reconstruction
  • Event Data Recorder Download and Analysis
  • Expert Witness
  • Forensic Mapping
  • Grade Crossing Collision Investigation
  • Human Factors and Perception Reaction Analysis
  • Inspection and Investigation of Commercial Vehicle Crashes
  • Investigation of Motorcycle Crashes
  • Low-Speed Collision Analysis
  • Pedestrian and Bicycle Reconstruction

Opposition Research

Conducting opposition research is a requirement for any serious political candidate. Rest assured your opponent will likely have engaged the services of a researcher to gather information on you. Crisis Solutionist will conduct thorough research on your opponent, their business dealings, real estate transactions, top contributors, and their social media history.  We will run data analytics on their campaign finance reports and will look to find inconsistencies in a candidate’s statements, along with anything else that may lead to crucial information being discovered.

Due Diligence Investigations

The knowledge gained from correctly performing due diligence is what allows a company to navigate its desired course, while steering away from the unforeseen dangers. Many companies have failed, been sued, or suffered reputational and financial damage because they did not acquire the knowledge necessary to prevent a crisis, despite having it available to them.

Background Checks

What do Yahoo, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Walmart, Notre Dame, and the now-defunct Radio Shack have in common? They all failed to conduct proper background checks on senior level positions, which ended up costing millions in revenue and inflicted significant reputational damage.

ASIS, ACFE, and ACAMS are the gold star standard of their respective fields. All three advocate for conducting some form of due diligence on prospective employees and clients. In fact conducting proper due diligence has become an industry best practice. Failure to adhere to these standards can lead to a bad hire, a poor investment, or a nightmare tenant. Each has the potential to cost you or your company hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost productivity, errors, additional supervision and legal costs.

If done improperly, a background check has the potential to be just as costly as not doing one to begin with. Let our professionally trained staff conduct the appropriate due diligence that will help keep you out of court and potentially limit your liability.

Computer Forensics

We provide our clients with advanced technological services that include digital forensics of digital devices, Cell Site Location Information (CSLI), video enhancement, acquisition, preservation, analysis and documentation of electronic evidence stemming from theft, fraud or misconduct for use in investigations and criminal or civil litigation.

Additionally, we provide expertise in computer hardware, peripherals, operating systems, and applications along with specialization in uncovering and recovering hidden or deleted data, capturing time and date stamps, identifying Internet sites visited, preserving the evidentiary chain of custody and delivering expert witness testimony.

Social Engineering Testing

Crisis Solutionist will use various social engineering techniques such as phishing, vishing, pretexting, trash pulls, and piggybacking in an attempt to gain access to your most sensitive information. Once our covert efforts have been concluded, we review your existing security protocols and then conduct a “no notice” site inspection looking for security lapses, computers left logged on and unintended, passwords readily accessible, unauthorized storage devices that are attached to the company’s servers and sensitive documents left out or not properly destroyed. We will brief your senior staff, president or board of directors and provide a written report that clearly outlines the deficiencies discovered, along with our recommendations on how to correct them.

Our list of Investigation Services Include:

Thanks again for your assistance with our Background Investigation project. As you know, there were several “moving parts” to the BI requiring both domestic and international inquiries.

The investigation covering the applicant’s prior activities in the Boston, MA area was vital to the overall BI. Your investigative assistance and reporting that you provided was extremely thorough and professional.

On behalf of TParham Consulting, LLC and my clients, we look forward to working with you on future projects. Thanks.

Terry Parham
Founder of TParham Consulting

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