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Fraud and Financial Crimes Investigations

“We didn’t think it could happen to us” are the eight words that follow every fraud case. Fraud comes in many forms and often requires the help of a team of trained professionals to discover the truth. How was the crime perpetrated? How was it concealed? Who was involved? When did it happened? Where were the failures: In immediate supervision? In management? Or in governance? Once the causal factors have been identified, we are proactive in identifying what steps should be taken, now and in the near future – to close the windows of vulnerability.

Our team members have decades of experience, backed by professional certifications and education, that allow us to specialize in every stage of a case. From receiving a tip, researching questionable behavior, conducting interviews and interrogations of key parties, evidence gathering, chain of custody, and authoring reports that are fact based, unbiased and ready for prosecution if necessary.

Crisis Solutionist has the connections and the knowledge necessary to be your law enforcement liaison. We understand the inner workings of the state and federal judicial systems through our decades of experience.


Crisis Solutionists uses state of the art technology to conduct our investigations to include data and textual analytics that can help us identify items of concern that may require further investigation. These tools can help us locate and recover missing assets, seek restitution, and help you to move forward with a civil or criminal case if your organization so chooses.

Our Fraud Services Include Cyber Investigations and More:

I had the need to retain Crisis Solutionist to handle a sensitive matter for my company, that concerned a form of fraud. They exceeded my every expectation. They were professional, punctual, and got the job done. From engagement to completion, in a matter of a couple of days, they located, investigated, authored a factual report, and notified the regulatory agency of their findings and followed up on my behalf. I would not hesitate to use Crisis Solutionist in the future.

~M.S. 7/2018

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