Are you a boss or a leader?

The Human and Financial Cost Associated with Top Down Failures

Being a police lab technician was never a glamourous job. When I was growing up, all of my friends wanted to be police officers, firefighters, astronauts or professional athletes; not once did I ever hear someone say they wanted to be a evidence lab technician for a police department.  Fast forward a couple of decades and a fictional TV character, by the name of Abby Sciuto from the original N.C.I.S. television ...

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Cannabis Control Responsible Vendor Training

The Time to be Certified Has Arrived

Marijuana Establishment staff will be required to complete at least two hours of Cannabis Responsible Vendor Training as part of the State of Massachusetts’ annual, eight-hour general training minimum required of agents who are registered to operate in the adult-use industry. All owners, managers, and employees that are involved in the handling and sale ...

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TAPS Act 2019

Threat Assessment, Prevention, and Safety Act, House Bill 838 / Senate Bill 265 (Identical)

As a member of the Crisis Solutionist Threat Assessment and Management team, I will be heading to Capitol Hill this week. This bill has bipartisan support in both the House and Senate. As of July 10, 2019, there are 47 Democrats and 47 Republicans co-sponsoring the House bill. This day on the Hill is part of a coordinated effort to inform and educate the legislatures and their ...

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