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Veteran-Owned and Operated by Certified Professionals

Sometimes life throws you a curveball. Whether that curveball comes at you in your personal life or in a business environment, Crisis Solutionist is here to provide answers to your most critical questions regarding crisis prevention and management, risk assessment, security issues and more.

Our goal is to provide high quality services utilizing a proven team of professionals. We are educated, trained, certified and experienced in the latest investigative and security techniques and have earned a stellar reputation for delivering outstanding service and quality results.

We listen to your concerns, develop strategies and action plans to attain accurate information, and keep you updated as your case progresses.

Client confidentiality is top-of-mind at Crisis Solutionist. We understand and appreciate the sensitive nature of situations that require you to retain our expertise and services. You have our word, along with a signed Non-Disclosure Agreement, that states we will never publicly acknowledge that you or your company is, or was, a client of ours.

At Crisis Solutionist we believe the best way to limit a client’s liability, protect their reputation and to keep them out of court is by being proactive–rather than reactive–in the development of programs that focus on prevention and mitigation.

Prevention and mitigation programs, methods, and training might appear to some to be a burdensome cost. But trust us when we say it is cheaper than becoming a victim. Let us help you or your organization before your organization is just another statistic. Remember it is not a question of if, but rather when.

The common question all victims ask themselves is: “Why didn’t we do something about this earlier?” Let Crisis Solutionist help you eliminate the need to ask that question of yourself.

Our Team

Each client situation is unique. To properly protect your business, you need a team of experts. No one expert can provide the perfect solution, so we tailor our approach and allocate the right team members to fit your specific needs.

Lawrence (Larry) P. Smith III, CAMS, CFE, CPP, LPI

President / Director of Investigations

Larry is the founder of Crisis Solutionist, Inc. He has over 25 years of law enforcement experience and holds a Master’s in Criminal Justice Administration from Western New England University. He was a decorated member of the Massachusetts State Police, where he honorably retired as a Sergeant in 2018. His featured length article on the “Victimization of the Massachusetts State Police” was recently published in the November/December 2018 issue of “Fraud Magazine.”

Larry has a proven track record of investigative, security and leadership success in the areas of criminal and civil investigations, narcotics, fraud, and money laundering investigations, along with risk assessment and surveillance. While assigned to the DEA as a Task Force Officer, Larry investigated an anonymous tip that resulted in the dismantling of the largest methamphetamine ring in New England to date. The source of supply was tied to the Sinola Cartel.

In addition, Larry has spent several years assigned to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Document Benefit Fraud Task Force that specialized in the detection and confiscation of fraudulent identification documents that were being used to defraud federal, state and local agencies out of social benefits.

Larry is a decorated combat veteran of the U.S. Air Force. He was selected for early promotion and honorably discharged upon completing his enlistment.

John M. Bibeau, ACTAR

Director of Accident Reconstruction

John had over 25 years with the Massachusetts State Police before honorably retiring as a Lieutenant in June 2017. Prior to becoming a trooper John earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Plastics Engineering from the University of Lowell. John later went on to earn his Master’s in Criminal Justice after entering service with the MSP.

John became a member of the Massachusetts State Police Collision Analysis and Reconstruction Section (CARS) and later became the Northeast Team Leader. John has conducted over 700 accident reconstructions and has provided his expertise in hundreds of depositions and grand juries. He has testified in both federal and state court. He has mentored new members to the unit and has taken dozens of classes and earned certifications to obtain and maintain his Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstruction certification (ACTAR).

Attorney Mark E. Archer

Director of Background Investigations

Mark honorably retired after 20 years as a highly decorated Massachusetts State Police Trooper to focus on establishing his law practice. During his career in law enforcement, he spent years working in the Division of Investigative Services in an undercover capacity. His unit specialized in hotel interdictions, targeting narcotics and money laundering operations.

While Mark was attending the New England School of Law he was assigned to the Massachusetts State Police Certification Unit, which conducts 8 different types of background investigations for: recruit training candidates, Department of State Police civilian employees, private detectives, Watch Guard Patrol Agencies, Special State Police, MSP Interns, contractors, in-state and out-of-state backgrounds requested from outside agencies. Mark has conducted hundreds of background checks and has completed his NAPBS basic and advanced FCRA certifications.

Scarlette K. Smith, CSMIE

Research Specialist

Scarlette is an active 911 dispatcher for a local public safety agency. As a dispatcher, part of Scarlette’s responsibilities consist of researching the backgrounds of individuals that the officers encounter as part of their daily interactions. Scarlette realized that she wanted to expand her research abilities, so she could do more to ensure the safety of the people she worked with. She obtained her Social Media Investigative Expert (SMIE) certification and frequently attends classes on open source intelligence and the dark web, in an effort to stay current in the constantly evolving online environment. Scarlette is a two-time recipient of the prestigious 911 Honors Award for her life-saving efforts.

Anthony Sciaraffa, J.D.

Director of Title IX, EEO & Employment Investigations

Anthony comes to Crisis Solutionist following a 20-year career as a United States Army Judge Advocate and veteran of the Afghanistan conflict. He retired from the Army at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. After returning from Afghanistan, Anthony became a sexual assault investigator for the Office of Complex Investigations (OCI) in Washington DC, conducting military sexual assault investigations nationwide. In 2018, he retired from the Army and became the Title IX Investigator and the interim director of the Office of Equal Opportunity at Brandeis University.

Anthony holds a Juris Doctor from Suffolk University, a Master of Arts from the University of New Hampshire, a Master of Education from Cambridge College, and a Bachelor of Arts from Boston College.  He is a graduate of the US Army Special Victims Unit Investigations course, the US Air Force Inspector General Course, the Wicklander-Zulowski investigations course, The Reid Technique of Criminal Interview and Interrogation, the Advanced Reid Technique of Criminal Interview and Interrogation, and the Reid course on Investigative Interviewing.

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